The Smart Model virtual mockup is a fully integrated application
with your website or the website 
of the investment you want to sell.

Make it easy for your customers to make a decision. Provide information quickly,
conveniently and comprehensively.


Increase the investment value
and make purchase decision easy

Smart Model is a modern application for sales and promotion of the estate which helps you to give crucial information about the investment.

You will highlight its benefits, but above all, make the selling process quick and easy

Virtual mockup with search engine and a 3D walk in a functionally arranged flat. All on your website.

Convenient, ready and available on any device.


Tablet w dłoni
trójkątne wzory



Virtual mockup with search engine
and 3D flat view


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kwadratowe figury wystające ze ściany



We increase the value of your property in the customers’ eyes
and build your modern image


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pofalowane kształty

How do we work?


Your project’s realisation from A to Z


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paskowane kształty



Trusted by leaders of the Polish real estate market


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