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Meet our company

We specialise in creating virtual mockups 3D, 3D flat views, visualisations and animations.

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20 years of experience

and hundreds of successful projects


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Hundreds of satisfied clients

including: Robyg, Mill–Yon, Dom Development, Budner Inwestycje, Port Gdańsk, Multibud Immobel,


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The team of

we combine knowledge and experience in the area of estate marketing, architecture, 3D design and programming.


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Why we?

York Promotion is a company which has cooperated with developers since 2002. Our architectural models, animations and visualisations have supported sales and promotion of thousands of flats.

As the market is developing, so are the expectations of our customers. Answering the market needs we have made a step towards the digital world. Smart Model has developed from our professionalism, experience in selling investments, 3D graphic design and programming. It is an application which facilitates work of sales and marketing teams.

Our team creates customized applications, tailored to your needs. These apps build a modern developer image, save time and money, and generate more profit at the same time.


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