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We will make it easier to sell your estate and help you build a modern image

Bet on a partnership that will shorten the time needed to make a decision on the purchase of your investment and will increase the financial results of your company.

Upgrade your marketing and sales of the estate with our Smart Model App.

The Smart Model App will help you provide all relevant information about sold estate - without additional activity of your sales team in the first stage of sales.

The app will help you provide all relevant information about sold estate - without additional activity of your sales team.

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How will your clients benefit?

Despite thinking of ourselves as rational people, we most often buy driven by emotions and aesthetics, not data and parameters.


And that is the key to the success of Smart Model App.
Thanks to the app your clients don’t have to rely on technical drawings.

Instead, they can see for themselves or even have a sense of how their future flats will look like.

The possibility to see it influences not only how fast we make a decision, but also how much we can pay.

We cut purchasing decision short

The majority of developers are experienced entrepreneurs, who can optimise product and adjust it to the needs of a changing market. Whenever innovations are introduced, they skilfully communicate it to potential customers.

Smart Model App allows to present all benefits of the investment.

This way your customers don’t buy ‘hole in the ground’, but a visually appealing and realistic project of the estate. It gives them possibility of seeing how the estate, the playground, fitness zone, or the closest surrounding will ultimately look like.

Tablet w dłoni


Eliminate customers’ doubts and limit stress

Many clients fear that their future flat will not be as they imagined it to be. They fear that the flat will not be functionally planned, will be too small, or, to top it all, insolation will be insufficient.

In our Smart Model App these problems are eliminated before customers know the estate.

Your customers will know every detail of the all investment - from a plan of the whole building with the surrounding area to a location and arrangements of particular flats.