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Take benefit of solutions that will build a modern image of your brand

Our support is aimed especially at those responsible for sales and promotion in the real estate market, who sell flats in housing estates on a daily basis.

How can we help you sell your flats?

We will equip your website with a virtual mockup with a search engine that will provide key information about your estate, such as:

  • 360° view of the investment at different times day and night
  • application optimised for speed on mobile devices
  • functional flat arrangement
  • view of the surrounding area
  • data concerning available flats updated with CRM

Highlight the strengths of your investment and make it easy for customers to find the right flat.


Let your customers get to know your home from all sides.

We will create a 3D view of all the flats. Your customers will see for themselves what their new flat will look like.

They will find:

  • true model of the future flat
  • floor plan and size of particular flats
  • functional arrangement (tailored to target group)
  • easy use and possibility of comparing flats

Highlight the advantages of your investment and make customers feel as if they are already living in it.

Make it easy for your customers to make a decision

Regardless of where your customer is on the site, regardless of search parameters, the Smart Model application provides full, up-to-date

information on the available offer.

The client will move freely between search parameters, its 3D view, as well as the location of the flat on the elevation. All because the virtual model is fully integrated with the developer's or investment's website. The flat search engine and the Favourites tab are areas closely related to the application.

Therefore, it can be easily operated

by less advanced Internet users.