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Take advantage of our full service for your investment

Depending on the size and the specificity of the investment, the average lead time will not exceed a few weeks.

How can we help?

Thanks to many years of experience and knowledge of the industry, we offer reliable solutions that contribute to building a competitive advantage for your company.


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Contact us to tell us about your investment.

Relying on architectural documentation we will prepare the pricing and if you accept it - we’ll sign the contract and start the project.


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We will ask you for catalogue and structure of flats and 3D models to prepare relevant specifications.

Next we will make a virtual model and then consult it with you and your architects.


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Finally we will contact an admin responsible for your website and CRM system.

Together we will adjust the application to your website or sales office.


How will your company benefit?


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Through and through customer service

We take it on us to prepare and test, contact architects and help in implementation.


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It is an expense which will translated to your brand recognition and profitability of your investment.


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All benefits of the investment are immediately available - on the website, mobile devices and sales office.